Instawhat – Week of 10.14


Mums!  Let it be known that Fall is not my favorite season.  However, October is quite possibly my favorite month.  It’s head-to-head with April, anyways.  October = slightly cooler weather, Halloween (and with it the one party that Hubby & I throw every year), the slow beginning of season at work (yay, busy!) and MUMS.  I love mums.  Buggy helped me plant them this year.  What a good helper.  The random blanket on my driveway?  Baby Emma was hanging out there.


One of Bug’s favorite games is to pretend to be Baby Emma, who is the 5 month old we babysit on Tuesdays.  Having her carseat here makes it so much easier to be her!  Also, while he can get himself into the carseat, getting out is a much different story.


Painting pumpkins!  I try to find a quiet activity for Bug to do while Baby Emma takes her morning nap.  This kept him occupied for a whole 20 minutes.  That is like 15 minutes longer than last year.


I went for a run on the Legacy Trail on Friday morning.  It was a beautiful day, though it was already like 85 degrees at 9:30.  The Legacy Trail is this awesome paved bike trail that runs all through Sarasota County.  I used it a lot when training for my half marathon.  Unlike a lot of other trails in the area, this one feels really safe.  The trail itself is very wide and there are always a lot of people using it.  Highly recommended.


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