Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Festival

Welcome to Halloween week here at The Baker Bee!  Fall is not my favorite season and I don’t really like scary things, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Go figure.  I love the decorations, the pumpkins, the costumes, the candy.  I also love the festivals.  Bug is finally big enough to really have fun at events like this!  There are several to choose from in our area, but this year, we chose the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Festival.  Number one draw = free parking and free admission.  We went with some good friends of ours who have 1 year old Christopher and almost 4 year old Madison, who is probably Eli’s closest out-of-school playmate.  These guys have been playing together since Bug was barely sitting up by himself.

We had such a fun time with the kiddos!  Bug went on his first pony ride, which was a big deal for this Momma, considering that horses have always been a pretty big part of my life.  Proud to say that he loved it!  There was a wild animal rescue guy there with a giant boa constrictor, a beautiful owl and a huge iguana.  Bug, who is usually kind of scared of animals, actually wanted to pet the iguana.  Bug got to go on his first hayride, which he thought was pretty cool, though he refused to get off of my lap!  One of the best parts of this festival was the large sand pile sitting in front of the playground.  They had a bunch of bikes and kiddie vehicles to ride down the sand hill… awesome!

One of the biggest highlights of the day for Mom & Dad was the tractor/train ride.  It was the first time Buggy has ridden something like this by himself, and he did great.  As you can see in the picture on the left, he slid down and was pretty much laying down the first half of the ride.  Being the good parents that we are, we just watched and laughed.  Eventually, though, he pulled himself up.  He spent the rest of the ride turning around and talking to Madison behind him, smile on his face the whole time.  Funny guy.

Of course, we had to get pictures of the kids in the pumpkin patch.  At first, I was bummed that none of the twelve pictures I took of these two included neither child looking at the camera and smiling.  And then, I saw this photo.  Absolutely precious.  I’m willing to bet that we all look back at this one when Maddie & Eli are all grown up and cherish the fact that they’ve been buddies their whole lives!

Coming up this week: a how-to firefighter costume, pumpkin painting and a recap of our annual Halloween party!


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