DIY Firefighter Costume

First off, before we talk about the costume, let’s have a little chat about Halloween.  You see, we live in what you could call a retirement community.  By that, I mean that the median age in our city is upwards of 65.  That being said, we live in one of the only neighborhoods in our area that is comprised largely of young families with children.  In addition to that fact, our neighborhood also has street lights and nice, wide sidewalks on both sides of every street.  I think that every child in the city of Venice comes to our neighborhood to trick-or-treat.  Hundreds of children.  And that is no exaggeration.  Last year, we handed out fifteen large bags of candy.  FIFTEEN.  We would have handed out more, but we ran out.

Because everyone comes to our neighborhood anyways, Hubby & I have a Halloween party every year.  We invite all of our friends with children (and friends without children!) to come over, eat pizza, drink beer and take the kiddos trick-or-treating.  (If you are my friend in real life and you have children and I forgot to invite you, it is merely because I am a space cadet.  Please feel free to come!)  We just ask that our friends bring a bag of candy to the party, because otherwise we would go broke in order to appease the children of Venice.

Ok, so now on to the costume.  Bug asked to be a fireman for “how-ween” (too cute) this year.  I looked for a firefighter costume for him, but couldn’t find any in his size.  I don’t really like ordering costumes online because I’m worried about size & materials.  It is usually hot as crap for Halloween, so I didn’t want to order a crappy plastic firefighter costume for $30 and have him be burning up inside of it… or it end up being way too big.  So, I decided to be Super Mom and make it.  I have to say, it turned out pretty darn cute.  Also, he’s two, so he doesn’t really care if it doesn’t look EXACTLY like a real firefighter’s uniform.

Here’s what you need:

  • Red jacket or zip-up sweatshirt.  I found one for $8 at Target… it’s a hoodie, but that’s ok.
  • Red pants.  I found red athletic pants for $5 at Target.
  • Black duct tape
  • Silver duct tape (you could silver & yellow or black & yellow, too, but I couldn’t find yellow)
  • Firefighter hat (free from your local fire station!)
  • Fire Department “patch.”  I Googled “firefighter patch” on Google images and printed one out on cardstock.
  • Black rain boots (I couldn’t find any in his size, so we are forgoing the boots… his pants cover his feet anyways)

All in all, with the tape, I spent $20 on Eli’s costume.

With the black duct tape, make a strip down the side of each pant leg.  I used two pieces of tape, the second halfway overlapping the first, so that it would be wider than the silver that goes on top.  Make a single strip of silver tape over the top of the black.  Do the same thing around the cuff of each pant leg, the bottom hem of the jacket, the middle of the jacket, and around each jacket sleeve.

Cut out the fire department patch.  I taped duct tape to the back of the patch before I cut it out just so it wouldn’t rip once on the costume.  Then, make a piece of double sided duct tape and tape it onto the jacket.  Super easy, and I think it turned out pretty cute!  And, Bug is super excited about it!  He keeps wanting to try it on, and then take it off after like 2 minutes because he doesn’t want it to “get dwoty” (dirty) before “How-ween.”

What are your kids going to be for Halloween?


8 thoughts on “DIY Firefighter Costume

  1. Cool! I think most of my costumes as a little kid were homemade – cowboy, pirate, etc. They were way neater than the store-bought ones. You should burn a cork and put some soot smudges on his face – action firefighter!

  2. Super cute idea, Casey! Sully was a dinosaur (I just posted pics) and after three houses of screaming, he finally got the hint about the candy and loved it.

    Fifteen bags of candy???? Holy crap.If we’re ever in your neck of the woods for Halloween, I’m coming to party at your house 🙂

  3. Found your site googling homemade firefighter costumes. SO CUTE! I’m going to use your method. Question though – did you take the tape off? Did it leave any residue? I’m trying to decide if I should use clothing I won’t want to revert back to “normal” again or not.

    • Thanks! I did not take the tape off. I was planning on it, but he still wears it as a costume almost a year later! I just went an pulled some tape back to see, and there is some residue, but that is after a year. To be safe I wouldn’t use clothes you plan to reuse 🙂

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