Crafts for Toddlers: Painting Pumpkins 2012

First… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  (Or, as Bug says, Happy How-ween!)

Last year, I had the bright idea to let Bug paint some pumpkins for not only decoration, but also as a fun activity that might occupy his little mind for more than 3 minutes.  I am aware that this was not a novel idea, but I was pretty excited about it nonetheless.

I am happy to say that we have now, by doing it two years in a row, made painting pumpkins a tradition in our household.  Something fun about this year was that Bug got to pick out his own pumpkin.  He was really excited about that.  And, this year, painting said “punkin” occupied Bug for more like twenty minutes… and that was only with one pumpkin as opposed to the two he painted last year in five minutes flat.

Have a toddler?  Get out some paint and a brush, buy a little pumpkin and let the kid go to town.


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