Instawhat: Week of 10.21


Well, Halloween put us a little behind on the Instawhat front.  And I still need to download my Halloween pictures so that we can recap that funness (totes a word).  Back a couple of weeks ago, we went to Sun Fiesta, which is an annual festival-type thing put on by Women’s Sertoma here in Venice.  Proud to say that Hubby’s team won the annual Bed Races yet again… way to go, Sertomans!  We asked Bug if he’d rather have his face or his arms painted and he said his “awms,” which is actually brilliant because he could stare at them all day.  He sat SO STILL for the lady… I was so proud!


He got snakes.  A red one on the left and a blue one on the right.  He loved them.


He loved them so much that on the way home, he licked a cork stopper that goes to a pop gun that Nana got him and then stuck the saliva-filled cork onto his blue snake arm and then rubbed it all over his face.


This is how we eat raspberries in our house.  Be careful, lest you don’t give the toddler enough berries to fill his fingers!


The sun was bright.  Mommy’s sunglasses had to suffice.  Super Serious.


October 24th, folks. OCTOBER TWENTY-FOURTH.


Aunt Annie and I carved pretty pumpkins.


Bug decided that pumpkins are too slimy, so instead of helping he played in the pool.  And then claimed all the glory and totally pretended that he helped.  Stinker.


Pumpkins don’t last more than 2 days in Florida.  Pumpkins carved Wednesday.  Pumpkins decrepit and moldy by Saturday.  Halloween fail.


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