Instawhat: Week of 10/28


On Sunday, Hubby & I volunteered at a triathlon here in Venice.  Unfortunately, due to super storm Sandy, the water was so rough that they had to cancel the swim.  We volunteered as traffic directors on the 13.1 mile running course.


I think we did a pretty good job motivating runners and making them smile.  Especially Hubs.  The course was an out and back TWICE.  So, we saw each runner 4 times, which was pretty cool for us.


Bug was sick on Monday & Tuesday.  I hate when he’s not feeling good, but I sure do love the extra snuggle time!


Somebody ate up Halloween.  This was from his school’s Halloween parade, where he yelled “I’n a fireman!” at every single person that he walked by.  This also might be my favorite picture of him ever.  Look at that smile.


On Saturday, Bug and I got to go to a Gator game.  We both went to the University of Florida and are big college football fans.  We love tailgating with friends that we don’t get to see very often and rooting on our team… even when they stress us out by almost not beating a team that should have been pretty darn beatable.  Oh well, Go Gators!


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