The Things He Says Episode 1

Bug is at that age where every single day something hilarious comes out of his mouth.  I figure it’s probably time to start recording these things in some sort of fashion.

  • I was sick last Thursday and on Friday morning, as I was still lying in bed, Bug comes into my room and says, “You sick, Mommy?”  I said that, yes, I was still a little sick.  He grabs a lint roller that was on my side table and rolls my arm twice.  “You feelin’ better?”  My heart melted some.  I told him that, yes, I was feeling a little better after the nice lint roll.  So, he rolls me some more and says, “Opay, you all better now!”  Who knew that lint rollers could cure stomach bugs?
  • Last night, Hubby is trying to get Bug dressed for bed… while Bug is trying to boss Hubby around.  (What can I say?  This bossy boy is his Momma’s boy!)  Hubby says something to the effect of, “I’m the boss, now, buddy, time to use your listening ears.”  Bug answers back with, “No, I’M the bossy now!”  I’m the boss will now forever be “I’m the bossy” in our house.
  • One of Bug’s favorite toys is Mr. Potato Head, except for he calls him Mr. Totato Head.  Awesome.
  • Like a lot of toddlers, Bug pronounces his Ls more like Ys.  Someone, probably a teacher at school, must have been working with him on using his tongue for his Ls, because all of a sudden he started sticking his tongue all the way out of his mouth when pronouncing just about anything with an L in it.  Obviously, we make him repeat L words over and over just for fun.  Because it’s hilarious.  And also because the hilarity will likely only last a few days, so we need to get everything out of it that we can.  Our favorites are fluff and watermelon:

Funny guy.


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