Instawhat: Week of 11/25


Starting on Thanksgiving, Bug has had a nasty cough.  He ran a fever for five days, which is the longest he’s been sick.  This was day four, the day we went to the doctor, the day she gave him a much needed z-pack.  He slept on me like this for an hour… at 10am.  1.  He hasn’t slept on me since he was probably 4 months old.  2.  He hasn’t napped before noon since he was 15 months old.  Poor guy.  I hated to see him sick, but I sure did love those snuggles!


Checking out the snook at Mote Marine.  They have sea lions now.  The exhibit wasn’t open yet, but we did get to peek at them.  Bug was enamored.


Tough Mudder came to Sarasota this past weekend.  They were expecting 15,000 people.  They held it just off of a two lane country road.  Traffic was backed up on the interstate for close to 20 miles ALL DAY LONG.  This is a photo at Bee Ridge & Cattlemen, just off of an I-75 exit.  If you don’t know the intersection, this doesn’t make much sense, but this intersection NEVER looks like this.  Leading up to the event, people were excited that it was coming here.  It even made the front page of the paper.  Needless to say, people are pissed that the traffic was that bad and I doubt Tough Mudder will be back.


Bug and I met one of my best friends at Daquiri Deck for lunch on Saturday.  Clearly Bug thinks the cutout picture things are awesome, so obviously he spent a good deal of lunch playing on it.


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