Instawhat: Week of 12/2


We took Baby Emma grocery shopping with us because we pretty much had zero food in our house.  It was the first time I have ventured out with two kiddos.  Funny how many sympathetic looks people gave me.  Is that what it’s like to have two kids?  Everyone feels bad for you?  We had a great time and both kids were wonderful.  Bug kept telling Emma, “Good driving, Baby Emma.  Good job.”  And then he’d explain each and every thing I put into the cart.  Too funny.  He’s going to be a great big brother one day.


This blurry picture is actually from Hubby’s phone.  They were folding laundry one night when I was at work.  Bug dressed himself up and said, “I’m Mommy” and proceeded to talk with a high pitched voice for about twenty minutes.  My good pretender.


Enjoying some goldfish in the car.  The fishies were swimming into his mouth, obviously.


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