Mr. Reasonable

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Bug The Negotiator.  The negotiating side of him is really just one little piece of his adorable personality.  Another little adorable piece of his personality is Mr. Reasonable.  Now, I’ve worked with small children enough to know that 2 year olds are NOT reasonable beings.  For the most part, it is incredibly difficult to reason with somebody that pretty much only thinks in the present tense and pretty much only focuses on themselves, toys and cookies.


My 2 year old, however, is actually very reasonable.  We went through one infinitesimal period right before he turned two that was full of tantrums and whatnot.  Other than that 3 day period, it has always been pretty easy to talk him off the ledge when he’s upset about something.  I am constantly impressed by my little man’s easygoing personality (well… most of the time).  In reality, the reasoning and negotiating are really one in the same.  He just accepts it all really well.



  • “Mommy, I all done” (with breakfast or whatever).  “Buddy, you need to eat all of your raspberries and then you can be all done.” “Okay!…” followed by “I ate dem all!”  Easy peasy.
  • Bug gets really upset some mornings because Daddy has already gone to work when he wakes up.  All I have to do is tell him that he’ll get to play with Daddy later.  He responds with a teary “Okay.”
  • We are done playing with Legos and it’s time to clean them up before moving on to the next activity.  “Bug, we need to clean up the Legos.”  “No, I don’t want to.”  “Okay, well you can’t play with anything else until you clean up your Legos.”  “Okay!  Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere!”


Now, all of this reasoning and negotiating doesn’t work every time, but it does work often.  And when it does, it saves a lot of tears and “I’m sad” moments on Bug’s part and a lot of frustration on Mommy’s part.  When it doesn’t work, he sits in time out for not listening, which really should be a whole other post for a whole other day.

I’m off to go reason my two year into finishing his breakfast since he’s been eating for almost an hour.  Also, these pictures have nothing to do with any of this.


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