Instawhat: Week of 12/9


On Sunday of last week, we went to Mote Marine with some good friends to see the new sea lion exhibit and show.  It was so much fun.  This is Karley and Timothy, the children of one of our best friends.  Timothy is 7 and Bug pretty much idolizes him.  Timothy is so sweet and holds Bug’s hand and plays with him.  It’s too sweet.

Bug used to LOVE the hurricane machine (see this video for proof!).  He was having fun up until about 50 mph.  And then he started freaking out.  Luckily, you can open the door while the wind it is on!  Karley & Hubby helped him out.  I stood my ground and took a picture.


We cut Bug’s hair!  And then I spiked it!  He looks like a totally different kid, and like such a big boy!

Bug loves to play with Play Doh, but he loses interest in making his own creations pretty quickly.  He would much rather dictate to you what he’d like you to build.  This is Frosty the “Towman.”  Bug made the broom and the hat.

This is Rudolph pulling Santa’s sleigh.  It’s hard to see, but Santa is in the sleigh with a bag of toys sitting on top of him.  Bug made the toys.

After the snowman and Santa and Baby Jesus, Bug said, “Mom, we need Joseph the Dadda and Mary the Momma.”  Love.


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