Instawhat: Week of 1/6


Bug has liked playing with “Mr. Totato Head” since he first saw Toy Story.  We had lost enough of the original pieces that I think the spud only had eyes, one ear and his nose left, so for Christmas we got him the Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase.  Booger loves making “silly guys.”  Funny though, he refuses to use two different ears or two different arms.  They. Must. Match.  A boy after his Momma’s heart.


My dear friend / faux sister Amber got married on the 11th.  Her big sister Ryan and I became bestest friends when we were three and Amber was just a baby.  We grew up in the same neighborhood and we went to college together (can I get a Go Gators for the blue dresses?!?!).  I love her dearly.  She was the most beautiful bride.


There’s a traveling circus in town.  That’s something I love about our city.  The Ringling Brothers circus used to winter here, and the circus still has a pretty big influence on the area.  Just about every year, a small traveling circus will set up their big top in a random parking lot and do shows for a few weeks.  This was Bug’s first circus, and he sat for over two hours just like this.  Awe in his little eyes and mouth open.

**Update**  Pops (my fabulous father-in-law) pointed out that I neglected to mention the best part about the circus!  They had a clown type dude that entertained the audience between acts, and he walked directly up to Hubby) and pulled him into the ring.  Little did that clown know that Hubby isn’t even a little bit afraid to make a fool of himself.  The clown dressed Hubby up in a pink skirt and headband and they played a fake tennis match, including a fantastic slow motion replay.  Pops, Nana & I were in tears from laughing so hard.  If you ask Bug what his favorite part of the circus was, he says “Daddy.”


Someone got a snow cone during circus intermission!  Because snow cones are actually quite necessary in Florida in January.


2 thoughts on “Instawhat: Week of 1/6

  1. We had such fun going to the circus, especially seeing it “thru a child’s eyes” as it were. Made me remember all the times my parents took me the the Ringling winter shows in Venice. PS: You forgot to mention that Daddy was the star!

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