The Grammys

I love watching the artists and celebrities in the audience singing along to the performances, especially when they are different genres.  There’s just something awesome about watching Keith Urban and Neil Patrick Harris totally getting into a Bruno Mars song, or the entire audience bopping their heads and smiling while Alicia Keys & Adam Levine performed “Girl on Fire.”  And, frankly, Alicia Keys totally deserves to have the likes of Bonnie Raitt and Adele getting into her performance, because that song is badass.

I like Kelly Clarkson.  I don’t really listen to much of her music, though her rendition of “O, Holy Night” is my absolute favorite.  Anyways, I just think she’s adorable as a person.  She always seems to be happy, smiley & positive and a good role model.  So, she wins a Grammy, and I’m telling Hubby on her way up to the stage these things I like about her.  Her & Miranda Lambert hug and their dresses stick together.  Kelly gets up to the mic and says, “I got stuck on Miranda Lambert — there’s a story in a song. For later. After alcohol.”  Hubby gives me a look.  But then she says, “Just kidding, children.”  Adorable.  Love her.

Jack White’s performance was a huge surprise for me.  I have long been aware of Jack White and his talents, and talented he is.  That being said, I have never really listened to his music.  I’m not sure why.  It’s not that I don’t like any of the numerous styles that he plays… I’ve just never picked up an album or downloaded a song.  Now, after that amazing, incredible, electrifying performance, I just may.  I don’t know how to describe it… just YouTube it and watch for yourself.

Okay, I’ll give ’em that the crazy light effect thing on Carrie Underwood’s skirt was different and innovative or whatever.  But I didn’t like it.  I thought it was distracting.  Apparently she gave an incredible performance.  I didn’t really hear it because I was so damn confused/focused on the dress.  Plus, that dress was beautiful all on it’s own.

Prince is and will always be weird, regardless of how incredibly talented he is.  I love that he made a public appearance to present at the Grammys, yet he didn’t speak any more than absolutely necessary (although he did mutter that he loves the song that won the category).  He also did his best not to touch Gotye &/or Kimba when presenting them with the award.  He did, at least, smile a little tiny bit when Gotye gushed about being presented an award by Prince and thanked him for being an influence on his music, which was kind of adorable on Gotye’s part.

Oh, Frank Ocean.  You are talented, but that performance was rough.  Not totally your fault, though.  Well, the pitchy parts were your fault, but the biggest problem was that the sound mix was not awesome and the keyboard way overshadowed your pretty voice.  You did a great job whistling.

Yay, Mumford!  Way to win Album of the Year for Babel.  My favorite part of that… Bonnie Raitt was the first to stand for them.  She beat them for best Americana album, which she totally deserved, so it was nice that she was quick to be supportive of their win.  She’s one of my favorites.  Classy lady.


2 thoughts on “The Grammys

  1. Glad I wasn’t the only person that thought the Frank Ocean performance was horrendous. I was trying to figure out why people liked him after that.

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