Instawhat: Week of 1/27

So, I forgot to post this stuff last week, which is actually okay since I also forgot to take a single picture on my phone last week.  Which, really, isn’t a bad thing.  We had a great week and focused more on each other than the pictures 🙂


My favorite foodie event of the whole year is Forks & Corks, which is put on by a local restaurant group that we belong to called the Sarasota Originals.  Forks is held in the courtyard of the beautiful Ringling Museum and consists of about 50 local, independent restaurants as well as about 70 vineyards from around the world.  The coolest part to the wine enthusiasts (my dad & I included) that attend this event is that many of the winemakers and vineyard owners come to our town to represent their wines.  It’s like meeting celebrities.  Tickets go for $85 ($150 for VIP)… this year, they went on sale in early November and they sold out of 1200 tickets in THREE HOURS.  Amazing.  Luckily, we get to be one of the restaurants there.  We served pork belly with edamame fried rice and a sweet soy drizzle.  We were named the Best of Show.  No big deal.  We also drank a lot of amazing wine.  While we served food.  Also no big deal.


Bug loves helping wash the car.  He’s getting pretty good with the hose.  Also, it was warm enough on a January day to actually play in the hose.  Be jealous.


Just doing a puzzle in my underwear.  With my tummy hanging out.  Big man.


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