The Things He Says: Volume 3

“Momma, you’re my girl.”  Melts me every time.  Though I do have to say that it was slightly cuter when he still pronounced girl “goilla” (kind of like gorilla but without the ‘r’).  Just now, like 3o seconds ago, I told him that he was my boy and he replied, “And you’re my best girl in the world.”  Little boys are awesome.

Quite awhile ago, we were having our snack in the driveway on a warm, sunny day.  Bug sighs as he sits down and says, “It’s a nice day.”  And, he was right.

He wants to name his baby sister “Brocto Doc.”  He likes to make up words.  Big imagination, that kid.  The funny thing is, he actually remembers that he made up that word.  He’s been calling her Brocto Doc for days now.

Instead of Ninja Turtles, Bug says “Minja Turtles.”  My mom was trying to get him to say it correctly and said, very slowly to him “Nin-ja.”  In reply, he said, very slowly, “Tur-tle.”  She stopped trying.

This morning in the car I told Bug that he was getting too big. His response? “No, mom. I’m just a little bit big, but you’re so so really big!” I think it may have been a compliment?


2 thoughts on “The Things He Says: Volume 3

  1. That is a cute post!! I need a picture of Eli with his birthday cake – when are you going to post his B’day pictures???? Love you – NANA

    • I actually posted them on Facebook & Shutterfly this afternoon. I’ll try to do a birthday post in the next few days… although I’m working the next 8 days, so I may not have a chance.

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