You Probably Thought I Died

Well, unless you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.  Then you probably know that I am actually still alive.  There’s been a lot going on around here the last several months.  Blogging added unneeded stress to my plate, so instead of letting it stress me out, I chose to take a break.  And, I’m glad that I did.  But now, I think (key word here: think) I’m ready to jump back on that horse again.  Also, I keep writing posts in my head and I really need to get them down onto paper (theoretically, obvi) before I forget!

So, what’s been going on?

1.  January through Mother’s Day is high season here in Southwest Florida.  I run a restaurant.  Add those two together and you get a lot of hours worked by me and my fellow coworkers in a four month time span.  There were a lot of eleven and twelve hour days, with most of those hours spent running around like a crazy woman.  It was stressful and tiring, but I couldn’t be more thankful for one of the most successful seasons that we’ve had in years.

2.  We found out in early February that I’m pregnant!  YAY!  And, we found out last week that we’re having a girl!  Double YAY!  Especially since Bug has been convinced he’s getting a baby sister from day one.  I’m not sure how he would have taken it if his little sibling was to be a brother.  This is actually the main reason for my not blogging.  Baby girl has worn. me. out.  I pretty much spent every possible “waking” moment from February until April napping.  I had days where I almost didn’t make it through an 8-hour day shift at work because 2:00 = involuntary naptime.  Most days, I’d even fall asleep on the couch after eating breakfast while waiting for Bug to finish his breakfast.  I was pathetic.  On top of being just plain exhausted, I had a nasty sinus infection that lasted for close to a month.  I was miserable, cranky and pretty much at my wit’s end.  Thank God for patient husbands and antibiotics.

3.  If you pay attention, you might know that I play guitar.  Well, in December, my good friend Emily talked me into trying out for the worship band at a church that hadn’t actually started yet because they, at that point, had zero musicians.  I reluctantly agreed.  Considering that I had never played (or sang) in front of anyone other than family, it was a big deal.  Once I met the group and we started practicing and then playing at services (our church launched in late January), I can’t imagine NOT being a part of the worship team.  Hubby, Eli and I have become part of a very special family, and we are so thankful for that.  Our worship team practices every Wednesday night and plays at services on Sunday mornings.  We’re a mobile church, which means that we don’t have a building of our own.  We set up at 8:15 in the auditorium of a local elementary school for 10:30 service, and then we have to have everything broken down and out of the building by 12:30.  It’s a lot of work and time, but it’s more than worth it!

I have lots of things to share with you all: Bug is in his big boy room, all done up superhero style; Bug is almost three and is certainly acting the part; new recipes; pregnant musings; preparing for a little girl to join our family.

It feels good to be back!


6 thoughts on “You Probably Thought I Died

  1. So glad you are posting again!!! You really write so well and even though I know all the news, I love reading your journal!! Love you! NANA PS – did the card come????

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