Instawhat: Week of 6/2


I kind of forgot to take pictures this week… mostly because I spent a lot of time a)working b) playing and c) preparing for Bug’s 3rd birthday party.  So, the first picture you get this week was actually part of my restaurant’s Instagram week, but I figured it was appropriate due to the fact that I’d like to post the recipe here soon.  Feast your eyes on fresh blueberry cobbler.  This was our dessert special for the weekend.  And we sold out.  Twice.


We took Bug on a family to see Epic last week.  He loved it.  There were battles, good guys and bad guys.  Pretty much the best movie ingredients for Bugster.  Oh, and popcorn.  So, we take our almost-3-year-old to a 7:00 movie (his bed time is usually between 7:30-8:00) and at the end he says, “Can we go to another movie now?”  At almost 9:00 at night.  Kid’s a movie boy for sure… just like his parents!  Anyways, Hubby made him a Leafman helmet & shield out of some beer boxes.  Because every kid needs a beer box costume, right?  And, yes, he has socks on his hands.  They were his gloves, obviously.


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