Birthday Cake Nightmares

Friday night, 2:30am.  I wake up to Bug yelling and crying, which happens very rarely.  I get up and go into his room to hear him sobbing, “I want to go back to my birthday party and finish my birthday cake.”  Not thinking that it was a bad dream, I tried to explain to him that he did finish his cake (you know, a week ago) and to go back to sleep.  This happens two more times before a glass of water calms him down enough to go back to sleep for real.

When he woke up in the morning, the first thing out of his little mouth is, “My birthday party was ruined because I didn’t finish my birthday cake.”  It was then that Hubby realized that he must’ve had a nightmare about not finishing cake.  Hubby then proceeds to explain that dreams are just pictures in your head and they are pretend and yadda yadda and tried to recap his actual birthday party, wherein Bug did finish his birthday cake.  The birthday cake that we, in fact, brought home to be finished at a later date.  I’m not sure Bug bought it.

These, folks, are the things my kid has bad dreams about.  My child that is obsessed with superheroes and villains and Ninja Turtles.  He has nightmares about unfinished birthday cake, which just goes to show how much he loves cake.  Just like his Momma.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Nightmares

  1. That is such a cute story – although I am sure Eli didn’t think it was funny J I also liked what Bobbie told me yesterday about him wanting to talk about rainbows!! Such a cute age and such a cute little great grandson!!!!

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