I mentioned in Cora’s Birth Story that Bug had bronchitis when his little sister was born.  This was sad for us… not only because our little guy was sick, but also because it meant that he couldn’t come to the hospital to meet her.  He didn’t get to meet her until she was already 3 days old.  Not having your whole family together is tough on a new Momma.  You know, hormones and all.  I might have shed a few tears because I missed my big boy so much.  I’d call him my little boy, but he would immediately correct me.  Now that we have a baby in the house, Bug is taking being a big boy very seriously.


Hubby & I feel incredibly lucky to have such a flexible son.  Part of this probably has to do with how we’ve raised him, and part is just his personality.  Part of it is also the fact that he loves his grandparents so very very much and feels so comfortable around them.  One of the main reasons that Hubby & I moved back to our hometown was because we wanted to raise our children near our families.  Both sets of our parents live within 25 minutes of us, and I’m not sure how we’d survive without them.

From the time Bug was a tiny baby, he’s spent a lot of time with his grandparents.  He sees both my In-laws and my parents at least once a week (they help with babysitting while I’m working) and oftentimes more than that.  He’s spent nights at both of their houses, both with and without us, on numerous occasion and naps often at both of their houses as well.  When my water broke with Cora, we were at my In-laws house.  Bug was already in bed, but we knew that he’d be totally fine if he woke up in the morning and we weren’t there.  He spent two nights and my In-law’s house and a night at my parent’s house.  My mom actually had to talk him into coming home on Tuesday to meet his baby sister… he was having so much fun at Grandma’s house that he didn’t want to leave.  She bribed him into the car with snacks.  Works every time.


By carting Bug between family houses so often over the last few years, not only is he comfortable in those environments, but it has helped make him flexible in just about any environment.  This is probably where is easy going personality comes in.  We can take him anywhere for the night and stick him on a random couch and as long as he knows it’s his bed for the night, he’s just fine.  He even had his first sleepover at a friend’s house a few months ago.  Well, it was a sleepover at his Godparents’ house with their kids.  As expected, Mr. Flexible did awesome.  Pretty sure he didn’t even notice that we weren’t there.

Point of this whole post: I’m proud of my Bug for being so flexible.  I hope that we can raise his little sister to be the same.


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