So In Love

  The whole time I was pregnant with baby girl, Bug was very sweet to my tummy.  He gave lots of unsolicited hugs and kisses to his baby sister and often just laid his hand on my belly while we were watching movies or reading books.  He talked to her and sang songs to her.  You know, things that make pregnant Momma’s tear up.  I am thankful that our second child came when our first was old enough to understand (very basically, of course) the concept of a small baby growing in my stomach and then joining our family.

It was a great help to him that I babysat for Baby Emma for a year… from the time she was 3 months old until just a couple of weeks before Cora was born.  Bug got to see Emma go from a very small, fragile baby to a baby that stuck everything in her mouth to a toddler walking around and getting into everything she could.  He was watchful and protective of her.  We were able to use Emma as a teaching mechanism so that when Cora was born, he understood that she would be very small and wouldn’t be able to play much, but as she grew she would be a lot more fun.


When we were in the hospital and Bug was in quarantine, we Facetimed with my In-laws so that he could see her for the first time.  As soon as he laid eyes on her, his little face (the one that doesn’t look so little to me anymore!) got so soft.  The sweetest smile appeared on his face and he said, “Awwww!”  He instantly fell in love, just as Hubby & I did with the first glimpses of our children.

Bug’s reaction to Cora when he saw her in person for the first time was just as heartwarming to this Momma as their video introduction.  His face lit up and he was quiet and again said, “Awwww!”  He sat up on the couch with us and touched her ever so gently everywhere that we would let him.  And then, we mentioned that Cora got him a gift (Ninja Turtle Legos!!) and he was off.  Because he’s 3.  Attention span = short.


Bug’s love and affection for his baby sister hasn’t waned (yet).  Over the last week, he has been so incredibly sweet to her.  He doesn’t get frustrated when she cries, or even that we stop playing to tend to her when she needs something.  He loves “playing” with her when she’s awake.  He pretty much always wants to be aware of where she is and what she is doing.  Of course, we have to watch him like a hawk… he is a boy after all, bounding around with little awareness and walking with his head turned all the dang time.


We are so proud of our little man for already being such a fantastic big brother.  He even brags about her at school.  The other day, he was telling his school friends about Cora at lunchtime and he told them all that Cora drinks milk out of his Mommy’s belly.  Hehehe.  So glad his teacher shared that story!


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