About Me

Me & Karley

Hello! My name is Casey… I am a Baker Bee.  This comes from my mother, who likes to add ‘bee’ on to just about anything.  When I was little and got sick I was a ‘Sicky-Bee’ and when I ran track in high school I was a ‘Runner-Bee.’  Now I am a ‘Worker-Bee’ managing my parent’s restaurant in Sarasota, FL.

I like food.  I like to bake it, cook it, eat it, dream about it, read about it, take pictures of it.  Food is amazing.  Wine is also pretty amazing.

I went to the University of Florida (GO GATORS!) and majored in English… so I think I can throw it out there that I like to write.  I also got a Master of Advertising degree from UF.  Now I work in a restaurant.  Go figure.

I have a fantastic, handsome Hubby who supports everything I do… I’m a lucky girl.  He’s a lucky guy too, because he gets to taste-test everything that comes out of the kitchen, and he likes food almost as much as I do. We have a Baby-Bee named Eli who was born in June 2010… we think he’s a pretty awesome little guy!

This blog started as a baking blog and has turned into a mommy blog… so it might seem a little mish-mashed.  Much like my real life.

Take a look around, and enjoy!


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Casey – thanks for stopping by!!

    “I like food. I like to bake it, cook it, eat it, dream about it, read about it, take pictures of it. Food is amazing.” – AWESOME.

    Another fantastic desert blog discovery. I don’t know if my thighs can take it!

  2. The chocolate orange palmiers look very tasty! Can’t wait to try a batch of those along with the lemon rosemary ones. Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration to fellow bakeophiles.

  3. Hi, stumbled upon your blog from pics and pancakes… I love how you say you even dream about food. I thought I was the only one. I like your style…

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