Instawhat: Weeks of 7/21 & 7/28


This is Bug’s new friend Noah.  Noah’s super awesome parents just moved here on a total leap of faith to be the worship leaders of our church.  They moved to a new city & state knowing only a few people… just picked up and moved.  They have garnered a lot of respect from me!  We’ve really enjoyed getting to know them and showing them a little bit about where we live… like Mote Marine!  One of our favorite places to spend a morning.


The day we visited Mote, we took the boys across the street to have a little picnic lunch.  Not a bad spot for a picnic, huh?  The boys loved watching boats go by!  You will notice here that Bug looks quite a bit shorter than Noah.  This is true.  And, of course, Noah is 3 months younger than Bug.  Story of my poor short kid’s life.

I realize it doesn’t look like much of an incline, but this is pretty much the biggest hill in Venice.  It’s part of the Legacy Trail, which is the amazing bike trail that I run on.  This bridge goes over US 41.  I used to look at this bridge as a challenge during my run.  Now I stop and walk and take pictures.


Sometimes, Bug wakes up too early for my liking.  Especially after I’ve worked a late night.  Hubby goes to work at 7am, and his car often wakes up a small child.  If I don’t have to work that morning, or if we don’t have plans of some kind, Bug gets to pick out a movie and climb in bed with me.  We both think this is awesome.  He’s holding a Tums in that picture that was left over from the night before on my bedside table… I wouldn’t let him eat it, so he just held onto it for like 45 minutes.


It was my turn to wait for the hood cleaners at work last week… yay!  Once a quarter, guys come to clean the hoods in the kitchen.  Instead of leaving work at about 11pm, someone gets to stay with the hood guys until, oh, about 2am.  It’s awesome.  I decided to make the most out of that time and work on a project.  I started making a paint chip mobile for baby girl’s room.  It turned out pretty cute… eventually I might even do a little tutorial on it.

This is Bug.  He was once a baby.  He is now a big boy.  Just ask him.  I love looking in on him while he’s sleeping, because he just looks so… so… grown up!  Until I realize that his Bud (his lovey blanket) his in his mouth because he fell asleep sucking it.  That makes me feel a little better… like he’s not growing up quite so fast.


Birthday Cake Nightmares

Friday night, 2:30am.  I wake up to Bug yelling and crying, which happens very rarely.  I get up and go into his room to hear him sobbing, “I want to go back to my birthday party and finish my birthday cake.”  Not thinking that it was a bad dream, I tried to explain to him that he did finish his cake (you know, a week ago) and to go back to sleep.  This happens two more times before a glass of water calms him down enough to go back to sleep for real.

When he woke up in the morning, the first thing out of his little mouth is, “My birthday party was ruined because I didn’t finish my birthday cake.”  It was then that Hubby realized that he must’ve had a nightmare about not finishing cake.  Hubby then proceeds to explain that dreams are just pictures in your head and they are pretend and yadda yadda and tried to recap his actual birthday party, wherein Bug did finish his birthday cake.  The birthday cake that we, in fact, brought home to be finished at a later date.  I’m not sure Bug bought it.

These, folks, are the things my kid has bad dreams about.  My child that is obsessed with superheroes and villains and Ninja Turtles.  He has nightmares about unfinished birthday cake, which just goes to show how much he loves cake.  Just like his Momma.

Instawhat: Week of 11/25


Starting on Thanksgiving, Bug has had a nasty cough.  He ran a fever for five days, which is the longest he’s been sick.  This was day four, the day we went to the doctor, the day she gave him a much needed z-pack.  He slept on me like this for an hour… at 10am.  1.  He hasn’t slept on me since he was probably 4 months old.  2.  He hasn’t napped before noon since he was 15 months old.  Poor guy.  I hated to see him sick, but I sure did love those snuggles!


Checking out the snook at Mote Marine.  They have sea lions now.  The exhibit wasn’t open yet, but we did get to peek at them.  Bug was enamored.


Tough Mudder came to Sarasota this past weekend.  They were expecting 15,000 people.  They held it just off of a two lane country road.  Traffic was backed up on the interstate for close to 20 miles ALL DAY LONG.  This is a photo at Bee Ridge & Cattlemen, just off of an I-75 exit.  If you don’t know the intersection, this doesn’t make much sense, but this intersection NEVER looks like this.  Leading up to the event, people were excited that it was coming here.  It even made the front page of the paper.  Needless to say, people are pissed that the traffic was that bad and I doubt Tough Mudder will be back.


Bug and I met one of my best friends at Daquiri Deck for lunch on Saturday.  Clearly Bug thinks the cutout picture things are awesome, so obviously he spent a good deal of lunch playing on it.

Instawhat: Week of 9.30

I kind of forgot about taking pictures last week.  Whoopsies.


On Thursday, we went to Mote Marine.  This was the first time we’d been since Bug has seen Finding Nemo.  If Mote was awesome before, it is SUPER AWESOME now.  For the first time, he asked to go see specific animals, the most popular being Nemo & Dory, of course.  They have a tank with clownfish (Nemo) and regal tang (Dory)… smart move, Mote.  We went back to that tank like ten times.  He also asked to see the sharks and the turtles and the dolphin.  It was the most fun I’ve had there with him.


We had so much fun that he fell asleep mid-McDonald’s on the way home.  You can’t see it, but there is an apple slice in his other hand.  He fell asleep with it halfway to his mouth.  Too stinkin’ cute.

The Night-Night Kid

Please don’t hate me for what I am about to say.

My kid loves to go night-night.  You read that right.  Bug actually LIKES to go to bed.  Just like his Daddy, that one.  I’m not just talking about at night either… he enjoys taking naps, too.  I know, I know.  We’ve got it rough.

Case in point: yesterday, I get Bug down from the table after lunch and tell him to go play for a few minutes before naptime while Momma cleaned up the kitchen.  He runs off.  About 30 seconds later I hear him whining and fussing in his room.  I go in and see him trying his darndest to climb into his crib… all the time whining “niiiiggghhhh-niiiiggghhh” as sadly as he possibly could.  I, being the wonderful mother that I am, laughed while I put him in his crib.  He happily curled up on his tummy, snuggled Bud and I covered him with his blanket.  He was asleep within 4 minutes with a smile on his face.

This happens at night, too.  Our bedtime routine is to take a bath, read 3 books and then drink some milk while we say prayers and sing a song or two.  Some nights, Bug wants to skip sing-along time altogether.  He’ll give you his milk, say “all done” and then point to his crib and say “nigh-nigh” over and over until you put him to bed.  He’s hit his wall, folks.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t times when naptime or bathtime comes around and he doesn’t want to stop playing.  That happens quite often, actually.  He’ll break down and start crying as soon as you utter the word nap.  But as soon as you get him into his room, the crying stops, the smiling starts and he snuggles right down to go to sleep.

I can only imagine his preschool teachers reading this and thinking I am making the whole thing up.

How does your kid deal with going night-night?

No More Naps!!!

***I am pretty sure “no more naps!” is from a movie.  However, I can’t remember what movie it’s from and it’s really starting to annoy me.  If you know what movie it is… I beg you to tell me and end my suffering.  Thanks.***

Bug has decided that he is done napping at school.  Lucky for me, he is taking rock star 2 1/2 hour naps at home… but that’s besides the point.  For some reason, after the two week Christmas break from school, he just won’t go to sleep.  On Wednesday, his daily note said that he not only didn’t sleep, but that he was disruptive to his friends that were trying to sleep.  Fantastic.  He’s only in school Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so thus far we’re only talking 4 days here that he hasn’t napped, but still.  Not okay, little dude.  I am pretty sure his teachers are not okay with this either.

The best part about him not napping at school?  He is a raging lunatic by the time he gets home.  Boy NEEDS his sleep.

I’m not really sure what to do about this.  We follow the same schedule at home as they do at school.  He goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up around 7:30, so it’s not like he’s getting too little or too much sleep at home.  And, as I mentioned above, he is napping at home just fine.  He had a really hard time napping at school when he first started back in September, so maybe the break just threw him off.  Maybe he just needs a few weeks to readjust to napping with all of his buddies in the same room and all of the extra noise around him.

I just hope his teachers don’t expel him before then.

Did your kiddos have a hard time readjusting after Christmas break?

Ditching the Bottle

Ugh, I know.  I haven’t posted in, like, YEARS.  Ok, it’s been 2 weeks, but still.  I’m sorry, OK?  Accept this adorable photo taken by the wonderful Peter Acker as my formal apology.

Onto business.

At Buggy’s 15 month doctor’s appointment, his pediatrician asked if he was still taking any bottles.  At that point, the only bottle he was taking was before bed.  And, boy, did he love that bottle.  He didn’t really care much when I stopped nursing him, because he still had the bottle to rely on.  His pediatrician said he really shouldn’t be taking any bottles any more, so that very afternoon I put every last bottle away.  Oddly, I had no sad feelings about this.  I was actually excited to have less baby crap in the baby crap cabinet in the kitchen.  That’s right… my baby has his very own cabinet in the kitchen.  I guess that’s fair since Mommy and Daddy more or less occupy the other dozen cabinets, but I digress.

Wait, one more digression… only a night or two before said doctor’s appointment, Hubby and I had a discussion about the bottle.  He was thinking it was about time to do away with it.  I was all, no way, dude.  I know lots of toddlers who still drink a bottle before bed, and all of them are months and years older than Bug.  After said doctor’s appointment, I READILY ADMITTED THAT I WAS WRONG.  And Hubby only rubbed it in for a few hours.  Thanks for being an adult about that, babe.

Ok, back to the point of the post.  The first night we went bottle-less, outwardly I was acting like I didn’t think Bug would care.  Inwardly, however, I was thinking this was going to be a disaster.  I was mentally preparing for a serious fight.  Turns out, he didn’t really care.  WOOHOO for easy-going babies.  **Side – Am I going to have to stop calling him a baby at some point??**  This was almost a month ago, and he hasn’t asked for a bottle or alluded to really wanting one since.

This is all fine and good and awesome, but there is one little problem with it.  See, he loved sucking on that bottle and would snuggle up to us and close his eyes and drain 9 or so ounces of delicious nutrient-providing milk every single night.  And sometimes he would even ask for more.  Now, he’ll only drink 4 or 5 ounces… on a good night.  Some nights he barely drinks an ounce.  He is sleeping just fine, so I know he doesn’t need it to fill his tummy… so that is really a non-issue.  The issue comes with the fact that he’s still supposed to have a lot of servings of dairy in his life.  He went from drinking 16-20 ounces of milk in a day to 10-12 ounces overnight.  Arg.  Don’t tell the doctor.  Luckily for the Momma & the Dadda, he still snuggles us before bedtime.

We are doing our best to supplement his dairy intake with things like cheese and yogurt.  Kid can down some YoBaby.  He gets milk with breakfast, lunch & dinner, but he really doesn’t drink a lot of it with meals.

Overall, I’m really thankful, though, because he obviously didn’t have a huge attachment to the bottle.  I’ve heard of a lot of kids that won’t take sippy cups at all, or they won’t drink milk out of sippy cups.  Not my guy.

When did your babies/toddlers/kiddos stop taking bottle?

One Nap a Day

As of a month ago, Bug is  a one nap a day kid.  As of, oh, about a week ago, he is ok with that.  Though he was beginning to show signs that he might possibly soon be almost ready to go from two naps to one, he wasn’t actually quite ready.

However: the preschool schedule = 1 nap at noon.  Therefore, the home schedule = 1 nap at noon.

Bug really didn’t have much of any issue staying up until noon (except for the first few days where he was so sleepy he could hardly eat lunch).  The problem was, by noon, he was in super-overtired-so-I’m-going-to-cry-myself-to-sleep-for-a-half-hour mode.  Throw the no more pacifier & the cutting of 4 teeth on top of it and we had kind of a cranky kid who was only napping for about 30-45 minutes a day.  It was touch & go for a couple of weeks there.

Hubby & I stuck to the schedule and to the routine and, lo & behold, everything panned out.  It just took awhile.  Bug doesn’t complain when you put him down for his nap anymore… I think he actually looks forward to it.  He still generally only sleeps for about an hour, but sometimes he’ll extend that to an hour and a half or so.  Those days are awesome.

This was the first time in Bug’s little life that we made a distinct change to his routine without him letting us know he was ready.  Until this point, because he wasn’t in daycare and it was always family taking care of him, he dictated when his routine needed to change.  He let us know when he was ready to go from 3 naps to 2 and so we made a slow transition.  He let us know when he was ready to cut out certain bottle feedings, and so we made a slow transition.  Those slow transitions were always smooth and only took about a week.  This time, there was no slow transition.  It was cut & dry and took a lot longer to get used to.

With babies, there is a constant change of routine and constant transitions.  Now that the nap transition has come to an end, we are onto yet another change of routine for the little mister.  We have gone from a bottle to a sippy cup before bed…  but that deserves a whole post of it’s own.

Have you had any transition/routine change issues with your kids?

Death to Paci

Bug started preschool on Monday.  Preschool does not allow pacifiers.  Fantastic.

Unlike a lot of babies his age that I see walking around public with pacis in their mouths (not judgin’, just sayin’), Bug only used his paci for naps & bed.  He was really good about throwing paci back in his crib after he woke up, and he never asked for it during the day… though he does think it’s funny if he grabs it or his Bud out of his crib during playtime.  He laughs & laughs, but then he puts it back… if you ask him nicely.

I would just send him to preschool without his paci, but Hubby & I decided it would be better to just cut the habit now.  You see, I assumed that he could probably fall asleep without it, but I worried about him trying to take a much-needed nap with the following conditions:

  • New place
  • New people
  • No crib – they sleep on cots (should be interesting)
  • Different nap time (noon instead of 10:30ish)

I was sure that by noon he’d be so worn out that he’d just crash, but I’d rather not take the chance.  So, last Wednesday, I took away the paci.  Bug’s morning nap was ok… he cried for about 5 minutes, whimpered for another 20 and then fell asleep for an hour & a half.  I thought, wow, this won’t be so bad.  Enter the afternoon no-nap where he cried off and on for 45 minutes.  I gave up and got him out of bed.  He proceeded to be grumpy for the rest of the evening (kid needs his sleep).  We put him to bed about an hour early.  He woke up an hour later and WAILED for about 10 minutes before falling back asleep.  Rest of the night = great.

Thursday morning he fell asleep after about a half an hour and the same went for Thursday afternoon (woohoo!) with no problems at night.  Friday pretty much went the same way.  SO, it seems to have taken 3 days to get over the paci, and in the end it really wasn’t too bad on the Momma.

This week has been a little tough so far with the sleeping mostly because his schedule has changed.  I think he is pretty much over the pacifier, though, and any troubles he’s having have to do with super-overtired-baby-syndrome.  We’re working this week on adjusting to a 1 nap schedule, which is kind of tough on a boy.  I don’t think it is beneficial for him to have a different schedule every day… 1 nap at school and 2 at home… and it is the transition to just 1 nap at home that is proving to be a little challenging.  I am sure that by the end of the week Buggy’ll have it down pat.

When did you take away your kiddo’s pacifier or when are you planning on taking it away?