The Things He Says: Volume 4

Aunt Annie had some friends from Scotland and England visiting.  Bug’s response to their accents? “When they open their mouths they talk silly.”

“Mom, did you get new sunglasses?”
“Yes, Bug, I did.”
“Let me see them… those are cool.”
Just like a big kid 🙂

Really sleepy in the car one afternoon: “I’m going to close my eyes and think about myself.”  And then, promptly fell asleep.

Instead of saying “No, thank you,”… Bug says, “No, please.”  We don’t correct him, because it’s cute.

We had one particularly difficult evening where Bug was just tired after a long day at school.  He refused to eat his dinner, screaming and crying at me to feed it to him.  After telling him that I wasn’t going to feed him because big boys feed themselves, he scooped up some food on his fork, put it on my plate and sassypants said, “I put this here so you could feed me.”  One of those moments where I had to look away so I wouldn’t laugh.

Bug has been having some very good and resourceful ideas lately.  Things like moving his little stool all over the house to be able to reach things that he needs and/or wants.  He is finding more and more ways to become independent, which is great with a new sister in the house.  Every time he does something like this, or every time he sees us do something that he thinks was a good idea, he says, “I was thinkin'” (or, “You were thinkin'”).

One day last week he was on “The greatest ‘fill-in-the-blank’ in the whole world ever” kick.  Each and every thing that day was the greatest.  Sometimes, favorite was substituted for greatest.  My personal fave was “Cora has the greatest baby sounds in the whole world ever.”

Now that it is the holiday season, we’ve been talking a lot about Christmas being Jesus’ birthday and singing a lot of Christmas songs and stuff.  The best part of all of this is Bug saying ‘Jesus Price’ instead of Jesus Christ.  I haven’t been correcting him because I know he’ll only say it that way for a short time and I’ll probably miss it when it’s gone.

Something that I was going to include here, but now technically can’t because, as of last week, it is officially a phrase that Bug used to say: “Sit next by me.”  I am seriously missing this one.  Damn, they grow up so fast!


The Things He Says: Volume 3

“Momma, you’re my girl.”  Melts me every time.  Though I do have to say that it was slightly cuter when he still pronounced girl “goilla” (kind of like gorilla but without the ‘r’).  Just now, like 3o seconds ago, I told him that he was my boy and he replied, “And you’re my best girl in the world.”  Little boys are awesome.

Quite awhile ago, we were having our snack in the driveway on a warm, sunny day.  Bug sighs as he sits down and says, “It’s a nice day.”  And, he was right.

He wants to name his baby sister “Brocto Doc.”  He likes to make up words.  Big imagination, that kid.  The funny thing is, he actually remembers that he made up that word.  He’s been calling her Brocto Doc for days now.

Instead of Ninja Turtles, Bug says “Minja Turtles.”  My mom was trying to get him to say it correctly and said, very slowly to him “Nin-ja.”  In reply, he said, very slowly, “Tur-tle.”  She stopped trying.

This morning in the car I told Bug that he was getting too big. His response? “No, mom. I’m just a little bit big, but you’re so so really big!” I think it may have been a compliment?

The Things He Says: Volume 2

First thing the other morning, I’m laying in bed when Hubby brings Bug in the room.  Bug sits on me and asks to play Peek-a-Boo Barn, which he hasn’t played in months.  I say, “I’m sorry, Buddy, but I don’t have Peek-a-Boo Barn anymore.”  He replies, “What are you talkin’ about?”  Hubby and I died.  For the record, neither us or anybody in our families has ever heard him say that before.

Bug tripped on the driveway and scraped his knee.  He cries a little bit.  I hold him and kiss it better and tell him that he’s okay and he stops crying.  I tell him that he’s a tough guy for not crying any more.  He stops a second and then says, “Yeah, I AM tough!”

There is probably one day every week where Bug doesn’t nap.  It’s fine if he doesn’t sleep, but the rule is he has to at least stay quiet in his crib for an hour or so.  He sleeps with a bunch of stuffed animals, and they get taken away if he doesn’t lay down.  So, yesterday he is yelling instead of napping and I (after a warning) go into his room and take his animals away.  After some protesting, he lays down and is quiet for a good hour, though he never falls asleep.  When, I go in to get him he hugs me and says “I’m sorry for you taking my bunny away.”  He was trying to apologize for not taking a nap, which was super sweet.  You have to love the way little brains work!

We’re playing dress up on Tuesday and Bug’s got his cowboy hat on.  He pulls the sides down, as pictured above, and proudly proclaims, “I’m Little Bo Peep!  I lost sheep!”  How he ever thought to pull his hat down like a bonnet, I’ll never know.